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I think your great
"Believe it and it will happen"
Stay Cool!
The past is History
The future is a mystery
the now is a gift
Thats why it is called
Enjoy life and live it up
Stay Positive



If you want to be happy
just seek to create a smile
it costs nothing & gives you so much
and makes everything worthwile
smiles are like a miricle
they will always work for sure
they have a hidden remedy
their own medical cure
give up the worst things in life
and look for the best things instead
smiles can give you so much love
and much i have left unsaid
start each day with a new smile
the sunshine will join you soon
troubles, heartache, sorrow & pain
Have gone floating to the moon
See all things apon the earth
with a smile and reconcile
There is nothing in this world
of more value than a smile!

- Jessica


When I open a magazine,
what would i like to see?
a girl thats not that pretty,
but natural and true,
not a barbie which is fake,
someone like me and you!

When i open a magazine,
what do i see?
a big brested blond bimbo,
staring back at me,
a girl with perfect hips and thighs,
and fits into size 4,
who may be pretty on the outside,
but ugly at the core,

When i open a magazine,
It really makes me mad,
why dont they start using
average girls,
and stop making normal girls
so SAD!!!

- Amanda

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