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In society today, world-wide, both males and females are becomming obsessed with their appearances.

Statistics show that 8 out of every 10 women and 6 out of 10 men are dissatisfied with the way they look.

The Natural changes that occur in puberty (such as weight and body fat) makes things worse and girls nowadays as young as 12 concider themselves to be FAT. By 17, 7 out of 10 girls have dieted.

During the Renesance, large, vuluptious women were concidered beautiful, since then models, celebrities and fashion icons have become increasingly thinner.

We must remember the following things:

1. 1% of the world are supermodels, 99% are not

2. Today, with the click of a button, people in the media can appear slimmer, taller and have a better complection. Therefore people are not always as beautiful as they look in the media

3. It is healthier to be of average weight than it is to be skinny

4. Nobody is perfect

5. Beauty is more than skin deep, It is what is on the inside that counts

6. There are hundreds of people worse off than you.

So lets stop wasting time looking at our imperfections and be happy with what we have got!




Obtaining a Healthy Lifestyle and keeping it isnt easy. The Benifits of a healthy lifestyle are huge - they include higher immunity to disease and illness, Feeling good about yourself, Being Less Stressed, Less likley to become sick, More likley to do well in exams and tests and are more likley to live longer than those who do not have a healthy lifestyle.

A Healthy Lifestyle means

1. Exercising Regularly

2. Eating a Balanced Diet

3. Looking after your body

4. Not Smoking or Taking Drugs

5. Consume only small amounts of alcohol

6. Eating 3 main meals a day

7. Drink over 5 glasses of water a day


A survey of over 5,000 women found that:

85% of women worry about their body shape every day

92% suffer from cellulite

62% dont like their face

86% think slim women are more attractive

76% believes that their sex life would improve if they lost weight

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