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Overcoming Anger

Anger is a feeling that each one of us experience in our lives. It differs however how we deal with this feeling- some people bottle it up until it explodes, other people take out their anger on their family and friends. Each of us must find a way to deal with and experss our anger. What works for one person may not always work for another. 


There are many ways to express yourself and your anger. Some Negative ways of expressing your anger can include fighting verbally or physically with others, tantrums, bullying or hurting yourself.Some Positive ways of expressing your anger include useing a punching bag, playing a sport, doing exercises or some people like to do things that help them relax like taking a bath, ringing a friend or writing a poem.


The best way to control your anger however is to be able to stop confrontation from occuring.

One of the eaiest ways to do this is the to take a deep breath and walk away at the first sign of trouble.

A good idea is to create an Anger Journal by writing in a notebook everytime you get angry. Be sure to write down:

  • The time you became angry
  • What made you angry
  • What you were feeling
  • What you did when you were angry
  •  The concequences of your angry behaviour.
After a fortnight include in your anger journal ways that could have stoped you from being so angry . Then test them out and write down how you went. Which one worked the best for you?

Click here to download "Anger Managment Journal"

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