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Thinking Positive

Positive Thinking is benificial to all of us. It affects how we act & how we deal with things. This site is aimed to promote positive thinking in young people, to improve self esteem and the way we feel about ourselves and others

Thinking Positive has many benifits, It gives you a clearer head, better memory, it makes it easier to make decisions and able to deal with situations, but above all it gives you a better and clearer outlook on life and makes you able to see the good out of the bad.

If you see half a glass of water - do you see it as half empty or half full? If you see it as half full, you are thinking positive - by thinking positive in all situations, you will find that you will feel happier and appreciate the good things in life.


Some Ideas to get you started...

1. At school or work associate with positive people

2. In every class, ask a question

3. Keep a list of your long term and short term goals

4. Do a good deed for someone every day

5. Smile


So how do you think positive?
It takes practice.
Here are a couple of things to remember..

1.  What we think of ourselves is more important than what others think of us

2.  Experience is not what happens to us it is how we deal with it

3.  Happiness is the one thing you can give without having

4.  You are individual and there is nobody else like you

5.  Dont be afraid to smile or laugh

6.  Dont be afraid to ask for help when you need it

7.  Be proud of who and what you are

8.  A cheerfull thought can drive away a skyfull of clouds

9.  A happy heart beats longest

10.  You are not alone

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