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When i was 14 i was diagnosed with depression, since then i have been in two psychiatric hospitals and been on heaps of different medications. I felt like a freak and felt so alone but after meeting other young people at hospital in the same situation as me i realised that i am not alone. The biggest thing that helped me was realising this and trying to think and feel positive. It took practice but looking back now i can see how important this was.
- Jane
This is a realy great site. All of the topics you have adressed are issues that young people like us face: stress, anger, mental health, body image..the list goes on. Thankyou and i will definantly tell my friends about this site.
- Fiona
Thankyou for creating such an informative site, my friend is suffering from Psychosis and now i understand more about it. I also found the links and contacts usefull. Thanks again
- Steven

I hate the fact that there is a huge stigma associated with mental illnesses, we are thought of as different, people just dont understand. This site has been really helpful and informative and hopefully more people will look at this site and understand more about mental health issues and eventually stop the stigma associated with it.
- Martin
There is not much on Anger Managment on the net. There should be more sites like this.
- Jaz

Well done, you have produced a very practical, positive and informative site. Thankyou
- Alan
All your hard work has paid off - fantastic effort!
- Adam
Your website is very helpful and inspirational.
 - Chad

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